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Meet our team at Goslings Day Nursery in the West Midlands

Claire Richmond

The management team is led by Claire, the nursery's managing owner. Claire is an active member of the NDNA and pro-actively works to make sure that the nursery is always ahead of forthcoming Government changes to policy and practice. Networking is an important part of Claire's role, which provides an opportunity to refresh and implement revised ideas into practice, gained from sharing practice with other top quality nursery providers across the UK.

Kaz Heath

As deputy Manager, Kaz ensures the smooth operation of the nursery on a daily basis. Kaz has a BA Hons Degree in Early Childhood Studies and as a graduate, she is based in Preschool leading her team on the floor. Kaz is the overall curriculum manager and takes care to see to it that all children make good progress against the EYFS.

Katie Hopkins

Katie holds the role of SENCO - Special Educational Needs Coordinator and is the Learning Grid supervisor.

We are a graduate led workforce with the benefit of 3 Early Years graduates. Our other staffs at Goslings Day Nursery are already working towards degrees. We are committed to high quality training and all staff not at level 3 already have been advised to be strongly working towards their qualifications. Call us on 024 7655 1907 for more information.

Toni Barnett

Leading a team of 6 staff, Toni is the manager of busy toddler & tweenie room unit. Toni is level 3 qualified with over 6 years experience.

Graduate staff and those with higher education qualifications:

•  Kaz (Preschool) Level 6 Graduate - BA (hons) in Early Childhood Studies

•  Catalina (Preschool and Spanish) Level 6 Graduate - BA (hons) in Early Years

•  Fakhrah Pervez (Preschool) Level 6 Graduate - BA (hons) in Early Childhood Studies

•  Amy E (Tweenies) Level 4 (and working towards a BA hons degree)

•  Carole Jennings (Toddlers) Level 4 qualified senior practitioner

•  Sophie (Preschool) BSL - British Sign Language Levels 1 and 2

Staff with over over 13 years’ experience each:

•  Claire (Management)

•  Carole (Toddlers)

•  Amy E (Tweenies)

Other level 3 qualified staff:

Gemma, Caitlin

Adult trainees, working towards level 3-6 qualifications on a vocational basis:

Katie, Sophie, Toni, Kyrie, Amy, Aimee, Rhianna, Hannah, Rheanne, Jenny

Apprentices, working towards level 2 qualifications, on a vocational basis:

Becca (L3), Emily P (L3), Indi (L6), Chelsea (L3)

All staff hold their Paediatric Fist Aid qualification and their CIEH Level 2 Food Hygiene qualification. We are proud to announce that we are affiliated with Sing & Sign too. Staff receive annual training to ensure we work in partnership with the Makaton based group.

a toddler with a nursery worker colouring in

Carole Jennings

Level 4 qualified, with over 30 years experience!!!!


As a supervisor in the toddler room, Carole supports Toni in delivering high quality provision and fun, challenging play opportunities for our 1 & 2 year olds.

Lauren Pearson

Lauren leads the baby room as baby room manager. Lauren has 7 years of extensive experience working with babies.

Supporting Staff

Kitchen: Tracy, NVQ2 qualified chef


Office: Jenny NVQ3 qualified administrator and L3 childcare qualified too


On Maternity leave: Aimee (L3), Kaz (L6), Chelsea (L2)